Want to take your business into the future and start generating an impact with your data today? We are here to help. Our vision enables us to seamlessly combine the development of data projects at companies with the training of Young Data Science Professionals by Senior Consultants from ORTEC and The Analytics Academy. And we have plenty of examples to prove it – we would be happy to tell you all about them!

Our Vlammrs in a nutshell:

  • You see and recognize the potential of new technology. You are committed to creating new initiatives within companies. You want to create solutions to harness the power of data to improve the business.
  • Some Vlammrs focus more on the front end of data, others focus more on system building/the back end – but there is always a connection with the business.
  • Candidates come from different backgrounds and have different ambitions and levels of experience in the field of data. We select the most suitable people.
  • All Vlammrs have a university degree, have a strong affinity with data, and are eager to reach their full potential.

Added value

The fundamental aim is to do more with data by, for example, making connections, making predictions based on the data, and making the data transparent. This allows companies to optimize their processes, provide better services to existing customers, and develop opportunities to reach new customers. It is all about delivering added value. And this is how we do it:

  • We change organizations from the bottom up by onboarding talented data professionals.
  • Our specialists lead by example, thereby creating sustainable digital transitions.
  • We attract the top candidates by offering them opportunities for personal development.

A match between ambitions

Our customers want to make the most of their data. Our Vlammrs want to specialize in the practical side of Data Science, but also in change management, agile working, project management, and transformation. And they do this by setting a good example. The match between these two ambitions underpins Vlammrs’ working method. The overarching theme of each assignment is always: ‘How can you make data work for the company?’ That is one question that everyone wants to know the answer to. And we make sure they do.

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Vision & method

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