Take control of your data capital with our Vlammrs!

Innovating starts with experimenting. With the help of your unused data capital you will yield real results. We at Vlammrs can help you with that. We empower data & people. This is how you bring your company or startup to the top of the digital economy of data driven organizations.

Young talent + seniority = on fire

We dont just help the ambitious young starters in their search for data. We help them with our Senior Consultants from ORTEC who know a thing or two about the industry. Together they will light the datafire in your organization. So you will get more conversion from the data that you are already collecting within your organization. And with it, you will receive new insight and chances that come with it.

Vlammrs Data Analytics Academy Development Programme.

Don’t worry, we will only send the best of the best to your company. Not just anyone can become a Vlammr. Only the best who (almost) have a WO-Bachelor degree will get that one, unique chance; a Data Analytics Academy Development Programme that will take 3 years in atleast 2 top of the market companies. They have a full-time job of 36 hours to really push themselves to the limit and learn everything there is to learn about the industry, receive 4 hours a week’s worth of training and coaching for technical and softskills to be even more ready for all the data.

Get the most out of your data and people

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“For organizations that want to make a sustainable transformation to an analytics-driven organization, its vital to onboard fresh new talent that will lead by example, pave the way for data driven decision making, and support the company towards their digital goals.”

– Robert Monné
Practice Lead Organizational Development – ORTEC Data Science & Consulting

Join us!

We want to give our Vlammrs the opportunity to become real high-flyers. So we are always on the lookout for companies where they can develop their talents to the full. Where our Vlammrs can make valuable contributions to the digital economy and a data-driven society. Where they are inspired by enthusiastic colleagues and build up their own network. Where they have the space to discover their own talents and set their own course. And where they can continue to burn bright. Because once Vlammrs have completed their development programme, the world is at their feet.

Become a partner

Do you want to take advantage of the data economy and at the same time help to produce the new generation of data professionals? To be at the front of the queue when it comes to attracting talented young professionals? Then become a Vlammrs partner. Make an appointment with Jean-Paul Schreurs (Business Unit Manager Vlammrs) to exchange inspiring experiences and make joint plans for the future.

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