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Your company is on top of a huge mountain of data. If you analyse it right, it will support and increase the strenght of your chosen business strategy by a landslide. Vlammrs helps you find out the potential of your data and validating the possibilities.e Our experienced Senior Consultants and the talented Young Data Science Professionals will let your profit of your data capital.

This is how Vlammrs helps ‘future proof’ your organisation, by working data-driven. Ours and your end goal is getting the most out of your data and people. This all is to increase the performance of your processes and employees to in the end be able to serve your customers better. With our expertise on the area of digital transformation with data and talent intake we help you get a better grasp of the available data capital and how to use this in your organisation.

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Is your organization future proof?

With the continuous digitalisation of the economy, with IOT (Internet of Things), open digital sources, new digital communication and sales techniques, the economy is in a world wide digital transformation, and with it; big changes to society. Economies are being set by datafication and connected by data at a fast rate. This creates a lot of opportunities, but with it a lot of threats. This requires you as entrepeneur and/or CEO to take action. Only the businesses that invest in this digital, data driven transformation have the chance that their organization is future proof. It is important that your organization can adapt to the new developments and continuously optimize. Just like many organistations, your organization has a lot of data that you can use to further optimize your company, the processes that your company has and your business. It is not only about data, it is also about the people, which are the carriers of the culture in your organistation. Vlammrs helps 'future proof' your organization by working data driven to get the maximum potential from your data and human capital. We use this to improve the processes of your company and increase the performance of your employees. With our expertise on the area of data driven and digital transformations by using data maturity assessments, strategic workshops, collaborative projects and talent intake we help organizations get a better grasp of their available data capital and how to pratically use this in your organization with 'use cases'.

How do we do this?

1. Data Exploration

We help you decide where the need is in the business side. Together, with the help of ORTEC's 'Data Analytics Maturity Scan' we look at the current situation of the data landscape in your organization. With this scan we map the data capital, the potential of the data capital, the potential data projects and the most important conditions for a succesful transformation. With innovation sessions we inspire you and increase our potential as partners.

2. Growth and scaling of Data & Analytics

Is your organization on the right track with data and looking for more talented Data Talents? With our talented, fresh and development driven Young Data Science Professionals we will gladly help you on a project to project basis (or long term as full-time employee) to figure out these questions and solve them. With this we offer the Data Talents that you are looking for, who will effortlessly work with you and your fellow workers. They can even use your usage of Data & Analytics to scale up to our Data Catalys Program. From day one we will create an impact with your data through innovation, a solid foundation in the organization with an end goal of Data Excellence.

Become a Vlammr yourself?

The value of data, taking the people that are within, that is where your passion lies. You are (almost) graduated or have already have an academic bachelor degree. You are ready to start your career in the field of AI, Data Science and Analytics more serious. What is the best place to develop your talents and at the same time get work experience? Become a Vlammr! Here you will get all the space you need to use your knowledge, decide which direction to go to get the best out of yourself. By lighting the fire.

Become a Vlammr

We empower data & people

Vlammrs and ORTEC help organizations with their discovery of the value of data with a mix of senior data expertise and Young Data Science Professionals. This is what makes us unique and stand out from the competitors. Both experienced analists and rookies help organizations with the digital transformation and solve data questions of said organizations. With this combination we take data for companies to the next level. Both on an international and national level. Due to the fact that our Vlammrs join the organization, they will effect the change on a long term. Just what you need to become future proof.

Vision & method

Benefits for your organisation:

We help you with our data expertise to find out what you can do with data and how to implement this within your organisation. This will yeild the following advantages:

  • And you don’t have to worry about finding the right data specialists and technical expertise to achieve your business objectives, we can help you with that, too.
  • In addition to data technology and tooling, we also cultivate a data mindset within your organization. Through leading by example, we activate and stimulate a data culture among your employees. This ensures they continue to work in a data-driven way.
  • Well-known organizations from a wide range of sectors have already taken the plunge; we will be happy to tell you more about those experiences.
  • While you get on with your day-to-day business, we assist you with the digital transformation to a data-driven organization. We do this by identifying the business areas with the greatest potential and detecting any bottlenecks to transformation and tackling these through a (data catalyst) programme approach.
  • Not only will you gain a better understanding of the type and amount of data capital your organization has at its disposal, we will also help you and your organization to convert that data into value for your business. This means you can work more efficiently, provide a better service to your customers, achieve higher turnover, and better margins.
  • We can help your organization become future-proof

Philips president: “Vlammrs is a great initiative”