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Have you already been hacked by us?

Vlammrs likes to show the full potential of data. And what better way to do so than with a hackathon? Last November was the day: two enthusiastic teams of 3 Vlammrs each competed in the very first Vlammrs hackathon. A great challenge for the Vlammrs to showcase their data expertise!

The phenomenon of hackathon originated in 1999 from the need to improve existing software, in an innovative way. The fusion between ‘hacking’ and ‘marathon’ is now used more widely. But always from the perspective that a number of teams compete within a limited time for the best solution to a problem, based on data.

The case

Our challenge was a question about the housing market: ‘Make a recommendation on how we can predict the house price and what seems to be the best investment’.

But…without basic data, of course, no hackathon! The dataset used by Kaggle consisted of 80 features of houses in an American city. This evening of data crunch provided innovative insights for everyone. The analyses demanded creativity, speed and persuasiveness.

Using data analysis, the teams presented their views on which investments were the smartest in the current housing market.

The results

The analyses and advice were presented to the jury per team. With substantiated figures, of course! Both parties came up with interesting insights:

Team 1 advised to invest in houses with the possibility to expand the living space. This is based on their conclusion that living space is a strong predictor of price.
Team 2 had a very different approach: ‘Buy houses that are in poor condition, but with high quality. This gives you the opportunity to invest in materials, which will make the house worth more. The increase in yields outweighs the average investment per square meter.’

The jury asked critical questions of both teams. But unfortunately only one could be the winner. By responding well to the case and presenting a clear investment plan, team 2 was able to convince the jury of their sound yet ambitious approach. Congratulations to team 2! We are getting ready for the next hackathon.

Will you participate in our next hackathon?

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Have you already been hacked by us?

Have you already been hacked by us?