Vlammrs: Young Data Science Development Program

Are you an exceptional data talent? Just graduated? Or already with your first experience under your belt? And are you ready for a new challenge at a leading data-driven company? Then apply now for the three-year Young Data Science Program!

  • Get fired up in a unique development program.
  • Work full-time on challenging data projects at ambitious organizations.
  • Grow as a professional and as a person.
  • Follow training courses in areas such as data science, analytics, project management, personal leadership and also soft skills.
  • Get inspired by your personal coach and a senior data expert.
  • Exchange experiences with many other data talents.
  • Build your own professional network.
  • Fast-track your way to the best career perspectives.
  • Grow into a full-fledged Data Professional!

Work and Learn

1. Kick-off Together

A kick start to your three-year development program. Shake hands with your fellow Young Data Science Professionals with whom you will spend more time with. And get to know your personal development coach who will guide you. You’ve started!

2. Focus on Yourself

Get to know the data world and yourself even better in the first year. Follow the intensive, broad programme of The Analytics Academy and work on your personal development. Apply more and more data skills in your daily work and learn to understand how to achieve your business goals. Exceed expectations, go to the max!

3. Make an Impact

Collaboration and making an impact, that’s what it’s all about in the second year. You will be asked to be bold and will be challenged. You will be given assignments in which you have to experiment and push the boundaries of yourself and the company you work for. With the guidance of solid training and sharp feedback, Vlammrs will help you develop into a full-fledged data professional.

4. Keep on Going!

By now you know what gives you energy, your strengths and how you can make a difference. With this wealth of new knowledge, skills and experience you will flamboyantly continue to grow in the third and final year. To exactly the position in which you successfully excel, make an impact, enjoy yourself to the fullest and … are completely satisfied!

Join Vlammrs

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“Hear it from the Vlammrs themselves!”

“Challenging assignments in different roles at various companies. Truly personal, committed guidance from experienced professionals who see and approach you as an equal. Endless new knowledge, technical data skills and tremendous personal development. Action, adventure and networking opportunities, with which you also build up your own reputation. And above all, plenty of career opportunities and possibilities to keep growing. Really, this program is invaluable.”

– Mick & Robert
Young Data Science Professionals at Vlammrs

Do you have…

… a completed Master’s degree in Data Science, Information, Management, Business Analytics, Business & IT management, Computer Science or Big Data?

… passion for data?

… 0 to 3 years of work experience?

… already demonstrated your exceptional talent and drive?

Apply now!

Do you have any questions? We would be happy to help!

Send us an email: recruitment@vlammrs.nl