Vlammrs is the young, data-curious subsidiary within the Ormit Talent Group. With our mix of senior data experts and Young Data Science Professionals, we help companies uncover the potential of data for their organization. We then assist them on a technical level and with soft-skills so that they can go on to harness this potential. We can also satisfy your resource needs. Do you need Young Data Science Professionals to work on a project-by-project basis? We can help you with that, too. Our young professionals are ready and waiting to help you implement your business transformations with their development-focused, fresh perspective and positive energy. They always go the extra mile!

Combining talent and expertise, Ormit Talent & ORTEC

The two initiators behind Vlammrs, Ormit Talent and ORTEC, are a perfect match. Ormit Talent has been the leading specialist in the development of talented professionals for more than 25 years. By giving organizations access to carefully selected candidates, Ormit Talent creates more successful people and companies through personal leadership. Add to that ORTEC’s aptitude for data, and it is easy to see why they generate such an impact. This partnership works because ORTEC has more than 40 years of experience in providing data-driven support for decision-making processes. This is what led to Vlammrs’ slogan: Empowering data & people. Because that is exactly what we do.

Data knowledge + soft skills

Vlammrs’ objective is to offer enthusiastic young individuals a unique opportunity to lay the foundations for a successful career as a data science professional. The data-driven approach opens up new opportunities, but also requires a different methodology, mindset, and knowledge. Successful data projects therefore do not just depend on data and analytical knowledge – you also need to have the right set of soft skills. And we offer that combination. Vlammrs sets itself apart by providing talented young professionals with twice the support – technical support from ORTEC and support with personal leadership and soft skills from Ormit Talent, which has decades of experience in the field.

Great Place to Work

At Vlammrs, it is all about performance, having fun, and learning on the job. And the customer always comes first. It is a culture which values honesty, transparency, and respect. We have fun and laugh together, we push the boundaries to make a difference. That makes Vlammrs a Great Place to Work. Come and see for yourself.

Vision & method

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